Thursday, November 4, 2010

6 weeks

I went to my official 6 week check up today and got the go ahead to resume normal life but lets be honest here I can't imagine ever using a tampon again. Nothing is sore or anything, I actually feel 100% normal but when I think about what went on down there it makes me sorta cringe. I dunno I'm sure in time that will change. I'm just really excited to start working out again. I have 10 more pounds till I'm back to my normal weight (but I'm hoping to drop 15). I really really want to join kickboxing but I don't see how I would do that with Olive since it would be something I want to do a few times a week but we'll see. I'm hoping once I get on more of a schedule with feedings I can make time to run at the beach with her or at least around the hood.

On a fun note I had my first beer since I found out I was pregnant and it was delicious! My mom watched Olive while Blake and I went to a bar and got dinner and a drink. I know were so wild. One whole beer! I'm hoping that we can start getting out more cause it was nice. Still getting comfortable with pumping and that whole deal. Still dealing with thrush so I'm not keeping milk which is a total nightmare.

Cuddle session with Olive

My little swaddle

How cute are these Toms. Gift from Melinda, Ashleys mom. I'm jealous, I want a pair!

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