Friday, June 24, 2011

9 months

It's weird to think Olive has been around as long as I was pregnant. No? I don't know kinda a strange thought. This month has been full of so many new things. She is clapping, waving hello and bye bye, snapping, and making hang gestures to songs just to name a few. She is beyond social and anywhere we go she just smiles, waves, and stares. She still doesn't have stranger anxiety unless the swim teacher takes her but I think its more of a this bitch puts me under water so I'm gonna act all scared around her so my mom grabs me kinda deal. We have a long way till actual swimming but she is loving being in the water and floating around with me.

I think the biggest thing this month is standing on her own. I keep saying she is so close to walking but I really mean it. Like days! She can stand up as easy as using a toy on the ground for a little push then she can stand there and dance and clap. She just won't take that step when she is standing alone. She has amazing balance and can stand for a pretty long time. She walks along every piece of furniture in the house and can skip across from the couch to coffee table with no problem.

She loves playing in the kitchen and taking out anything and everything she can from drawers and scattering it all over. She wants to open up everything and exlore. She is so curious about everything. She is starting to crawl into things too and has figured out how to crawl into really funny small places. Her main objective for the day is to grab the dog. She is getting really fast and Sierra is not pleased.

I love seeing her personality really come out. She can be very serious and straight faced at times and I like to think she is taking it all in but most of the time she is super goofy and playful. A few times a day she gets super independent and will just go off and play by herself. She will stand at her toy box and take each toy out, crawl around from toy to toy while mumbling and spitting. She loves her books and will just sit and flip through the pages over and over. She has a favorite book which I must read to her like 100 times a day but each time she is excited. It's a book by Dwell called "On the farm." She has memorized all the pages so when I flip she knows just what to do. Cutest thing ever. She will sit patiently through a stack of books being read to her most of the time but she likes to flip them herself.

She really loves toys now and can figure out what buttons do and where to place objects. She has a toy that has a chute where you drop a ball and she has perfected getting the ball in the hole. It seems like such a simple task but I think she is pretty brilliant. She loves to knock down blocks after I stack them for her and she also loves to clap them together. She loves her ball and her new toy the drum. Everything still goes in the mouth but she is definitely starting to really play.

At her 9 month visit she weighed in at 15.5 pounds which is actually less than she weighed at 8 months but I think with crawling and being so active she lost some weight. She is also getting pretty long and lean, hopefully just like Blake. She is 26 inches long. She still has chunky little rolls on her legs but you can really see her thinning out. She was a really chunky baby. She is eating 3 meals a day and still nursing every 3 hours or so. Meals have gotten quite messy these days. She has started to want to feed herself so for the most part half gets in her mouth and the rest is everywhere and I mean everywhere. Every meal requires a full wipe down and sometimes even a bath but I'm glad she is learning to figure it out on her own. She is a pro at using a sippie cup and we give her a tiny bit of water with every meal. It's mostly just for her to learn to use it. So far she is a good eater and hasn't turned much down unless of course she is grumpy and she will wack the entire spoon across the room.

She still wakes up at night anywhere from 1-2 times but we're just taking it day by day since she is a happy baby so whatever we're doing is working. She is taking 2-3 naps a day depending on how long she sleeps. Her naps are getting better for the most part and she will usually sleep for an hour or more with the occasional 30 min one in there just to make sure we don't get too comfortable but it works.

She is still only really saying mamma and babba and I think today I really heard her say ok. I thought I heard that the other day but I'm pretty sure Ok came out of her mouth. Super weird. Today was the first time she repeated Mamma back to me. Usually she just says it randomly but today she would repeat it after me. She can make a ton of funny noises with her mouth from clicking to spitting. She just discovered that she can blow on my arm and make a funny noise. She has also been biting my shoulder which is kinda strange. And she has 5 teeth, well 4.5 since the 5th one is only half way out. Shockingly she isn't really biting my boobs. I mean we've had the occasional bite but for the most part she is pretty good. Happy Mamma!

She has become very sweet and loves to come up to me during the day and put her head down. She won't lay down and snuggle with me. She has wayyyy too much energy for that but I love when she crawls up on my lap and puts her head down. She is such a sweet little thing.

I feel like there are a million more things I could say but my eyes are getting sleepy. I love my little bug!

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