Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ashley in Cali

The beginning of this week started off super fun. Ashley was coming into town for a work party so she was going to spend a few days with us. Olive and I picked her up from the train station on monday morning and then we immediately went to my favorite coffee place. Ashley shares a snobbery (um is that a word) for coffee so I was really excited to take her to Portola. The rest of the day was spent getting lunch and roaming around the OC. Olive was a total trooper the whole day and even slept the entire lunch was a nice treat. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging in the backyard till Blake got home from work. Then we bbq'd a ton of food and relaxed. It was such a fun day. I warned Ashley about Olive's sleeping or lack of sleeping ahead of time. She only woke up twice and I was able to get to her before she got loud. She did get up at 5am which is kinda her new thing. Sorry Ashley!!

We had to do this. I kinda feel bad but she didn't seem to mind.

We like stripes.

Tuesday was jammed packed. We woke up and headed down to Carlsbad to meet up with some friends so we could talk about a party we're planning for another friend. Ashley came along for the ride and got to help baby wrangle. On the way home we stopped for some coffee and treats. We needed to carb up for our long night ahead. So tuesday was the night of the party. The best part is Ashley got to dress me for the party in one of her dresses she designed! When we used to live together I would always make her help me get ready for our nights out so it was pretty fun to be all girlie for a night. Ashley is a fashion designer for Charlotte Ronson and she designed the entire line for I heart Ronson for JC Penneys. I know JC Penneys isn't the coolest place to shop but this line is seriously worth going there. I was lucky enough to get a bunch of samples from Ashley and then get a ton more clothes at the party but I would seriously buy this stuff. So anyways the party was for the launch of the line and it was amazing. It was at the Spare Room in the Roosevelt Hotel which is a really cool bar. I'd never been there before. Back in the days when I lived in LA the cool place to hang was at the pool bar at the Roosevelt. It was the biggest scene. I don't remember why it was so cool and why it was so important we got in there every week but walking in the hotel totally brought back memories. Anyways I'm getting off subject. The party was just super fun and it was good to be out and have some adult time. We sat at a little table and had lots of drinks, played Jenga, and watched all the funny celebrities. I don't care too much about them but it was exciting to see them in clothes Ashley designed. I felt like a proud mamma! We tried to get out of there at a decent hour but ended up running into a friend on the way out so we stayed for another hour. It was fun but I sure payed the price that night.....

Dinner Downtown LA

We got home a little after midnight and I immediately pumped and got into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow Olive woke up. So I had zero milk and nothing I did calmed her. She was not pleased with the lack of milk so after hours of going back and forth into her room I think she eventually fell asleep around 3 or 4 and was up at 5am. It was brutal. I think I got an hour of sleep, maybe. Then we had swim lessons the next morning which was not the most fun on zero sleep. Ashley got to watch Olive swim and then we had to take her to the airport so she could go home to NY. We already miss her so much. Just hoping she had a good time so we can try and talk her into moving back to California soon!

Come back Ashley we miss you!!!!! And thanks for filling my closet with so many cute clothes!

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