Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Boobs and Bees

If you've ever hung out with me you know I never wear boobie shirts as I call them. Basically I don't show cleavage. I have nothing against other people doing it and I think it looks sexy on most people but it's just never been for me. I'm not ashamed of my boobs, in fact I think they are quite magnificent I'm just weird like that. So today I had one of my I heart Ronson dresses on and it really shows off my cleavage but I love the dress that I just rolled with it. So I take Olive to the park only to get fully attacked by a bee. The fucker flew into my cleavage and then I screamed which a) made Olive start rolling down the hill in her stroller b) I ripped down my top and since I was only wearing a bandeau bra and I exposed everyone to my boobs. This includes the nice man cleaning the picnic tables and the moms and the babies playing in the park. I have no idea how I didn't get stung but I think my spazz dance and ripping off my top worked. It wouldn't be the worst place I've stung. When I was about 6 or so I was swimming in the pool and I took off my bathing suit to go inside for lunch. Ok naked lunch time is a bit weird but I was a kid. Anyways I come back outside and throw on my bathing suit and run to the diving board. All of a sudden and I will never forgot the feeling, I screamed and tore off my suit. A bee stung my crotch. If that's not brutal I don't know what is. This was my first bee sting and I was scared out of my mind and crying hysterical so my poor Grandma put milk and bread on it cause apparently that is supposed to help the stinging. I'm pretty sure that wins that worst place in the world to be stung award right?And then to have milk and bread put on by your Grandma. Double awesome. I'll have to ask my Grandma if she remembers this, I'm sure it will make her laugh.

Me showing skin. First and last time since bees like my boobs.
Anyways I survived the park and the rest of the day was pretty great. We went to a new Farmers Market by the park and got some veggies for dinner and some cherries for my Rosemary and Cherry focaccia bread which I made today. This was my first attempt at a bread like this and it was delicious. Took two days with waiting for it to rise like 4 times and transferring it to different dishes but it was really worth it. I have rosemary in my garden so I've been trying to find fun ways to use it and my friend had suggested this recipe. Olive was a big helper in the kitchen. She made sure to take everything out of the drawers and make a huge mess but it kept her busy for the 15 min I needed in the kitchen.

The rest of the day we hung out at home and played on the floor. Olive had her first Popsicle and I don't think she was super into it. I used peaches and added a tiny bit of this blueberry and purple carrot juice. I thought it tasted really good but I think it was just too tart for her cause she kept making faces everytime it would touch her mouth. I think I'll  have to play around with some other flavors but its a fun treat for the backyard.

I went to kickboxing tonight and I'm feeling nice and sleepy so lets hope Olive feels the same way and lets me get a few hours in. She is still waking up at night but it varies in time. Sometimes she will get up at 11 and other times she will sleep till 1 without a wakeup but without fail she is up at 5 ish so we've been trying to get her to go back to sleep for another hour and it has worked a few days but sometimes she just wants to be up. We've just noticed if she wakes up at 5 and we actually get her up she is so super grumpy till she goes down for her nap so fighting to get her back down for another hour or two really makes a big difference. Oh and I stopped the 30 day shred. I was bored out of my skull!! I did it for a week then I was done. Its a nice warmup but honestly unless you did that at least 10 times a day I don't think you would see too many results. Sorry Jillian but you lost me! I'm going to try to add another day of kickboxing in my schedule if I can since I am happy when I go there.

A few random photos from my iphone......

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