Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coffee, picnic, and zoo

I have a billion photos from this weekend so hopefully I can narrow them down a bit. On Saturday I went to kickboxing and after that we quickly met Ross and Michael over at our favorite new coffee place for some coffee and breakfast. Finally orange county has some worthy coffee!

This cute face scored Uncle Ross a phone number from a cute girl.

Then we headed home to meet with my parents. They were coming down to spend the day with us and then to watch Olive while we celebrated Bob's birthday. We grabbed some sandwiches and headed to the park to eat. Then we walked to the little zoo to check out the animals. Olive had the best time and spent most of the day sitting on my dad's shoulders. She was one happy baby.

Blake's hands shooting the goat and explaining how it relates to a pentagram. Family friendly conversation ya know.

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  1. I just found you on top baby blogs and had to say...I love this park. We took our daughter there and she LOVED the zoo. Enjoy reading your blog.