Monday, June 13, 2011

unwind on a sunday

I should really be sleeping but we just got done watching JFK and now my head is spinning. That movie is heavy stuff! So I figured I would post some photos while my mind unwinds a bit.

Today turned out to be a pretty nice mellow day. We went down to the beach in the morning so Blake could surf and ended up staying down there most of the day. The june gloom actually wore off and it was beautiful out. Robin watched Olive while Blake and I got brunch aka I was craving a bloody mary. Then we headed home and hung out. Blake did some manly chores and we cooked dinner. After dinner we played on the floor with Olive. She was in the most goofy mood ever and it was so cute. I hold her like superman and we chase Sierra. I used to do this with her when she was really little and she would stop crying but now she just cracks up, like drool flying from the mouth like its the funniest thing ever. Then we play a game where I tell her to get Sierra and then I grab her really quickly and give her a big hug. She totally caught on so now she does it on her own. She will pretend to get Sierra then crawl back and lunge on me and giggle. Seriously nothing could be cute.

We've been trying to teach Olive the sign for "milk" and "all done" but it's been pretty half ass but lately when I make the sign I can see her little wheels spinning, it's like she might finally get what I'm signing. The last few days she has been really funny with my boobs and very much been helping herself to the milk bar. She has never done that, usually if she is hungry she gets grumpy or sucks on her arm but these past few days she is just going for it. It was actually kinda cute but a few min before I put her to bed tonight she crawled up into my lap and literally tried to latch on through my shirt. I guess its a good thing cause if she's hungry then she can definitely tell me but we'll see how cute it is when I'm walking down the street and she pulls down my shirt.

*I realize this post is actually going up on monday but I was having some technical difficulties (in my count to 10 calm voice cause I'm about to use my kickboxing skillz on my laptop)

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