Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh this isn't what you're supposed to eat before 4th of July weekend? Major bikini fail but whatever it tasted really good. Yes my yogurt looks like a 5 year old made it. I have a crazy obsession with sprinkles. I'm pretty sure the shitty color dyes in the sprinkles cancel out any healthy eating in my life.

This summer thing is happening. The June gloom is gone and we've had the most beautiful days here. I love waking up to sunshine and not gloom. Olive REALLY loves waking up with the sun so much that she is back to her 5am wake up, you know to make sure she sees the sunrise. This morning is was 4:30 as an extra special treat. The child does not like sleep. I'm hoping she realizes that sleep is actually really super cool and gets a few more hours in.  I would be happy with anything in the 6 or 7 area but this 5 stuff is brutal. Or I guess it is for Blake who actually gets up with her. Today I only got to sleep an extra 30 min cause Blake came in with a bowl of oatmeal for Olive and asked for milk. Yep squeezing milk from the teet while I'm trying to open my eyes is one hell of a wakeup.
Note to self: Start pumping at night.

Once we were awake the day was fine. Olive actually took a nice 2 hour nap this morning while I got to wash my hair and get dressed and actually take my time which was a nice treat. We met up with my new mom friend and her baby for some coffee at the OC Mart Mix. There was a big ol fluffy couch where we sat and let the little ones play. Olive isn't really one to sit and chill but she did pretty good for about an hour. Sitting and enjoying coffee with a wild 9 month old isn't exactly relaxing but I'm figuring it all out with. It's all about the right mix of toys and enough room to feel like she has freedom. I spent most of the time picking up her toys as she threw them over the couch but she was having fun so I was happy. She ended up spilling my iced coffee all over me twice which was a really good look for my white shirt. After chatting for a bit we walked around and then discovered there were food trucks so we got some lunch and sat for a bit. Olive hit her 2.5 hour mark and she was ready for a nap. If she is really entertained she usually won't fuss when its nap time but she was in the stroller and lost it so I was trying to shove my pork sliders down my throat while holding her on my lap. I don't blame her, she was tired. Before I even backed out of the parking spot she was asleep. It was a fun mom date and I'm happy to have a new friend!

The rest of the afternoon was spent running some errands and then relaxing. Olive passed out right at 7 so it left the whole night for me and Blake. I decided we needed ice cream and some outside time. I love the longer nights. Usually Blake runs out to get the ice cream while I put Olive to bed but tonight I went and it really felt like summer out there. Tons of families out and about. I feel like it's been a long time since I've seen that. In NY people were always out and about so it wasn't really a big deal and before that I lived in La so it was the same as NY but in suburbia you really get that kids are out of school summer feeling. I dunno maybe its getting old but it felt good.

A sorta cuddle.

thug face

And here is a happy summer song. This album just screams windows down signing super loud summertime.

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