Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arty Farty

We skipped out on the Farmer's Market today so we could meet up with Tamar for a photo gallery date. We drove up to LA and met her at the Annenberg Space for Photography. I had never been there before but it was really cool. It was tucked in between all these fancy buildings filled with a bunch of dudes in suits. The work was really good which was a shock as large shows like this can sometimes be a letdown but the show was really interesting. The show was called "Beauty Culture" and it was a large collection of various photographers showing female "beauty" in many different ways. Some were beautiful and others were pretty disturbing. There was also a documentary that was really interesting done by Lauren Greenfield. I've never really been a huge fan of her work but I think the video was amazing. If you've never heard of her you should totally check her out. If I wasn't a photographer I'd probably like her a lot more but I won't get into the whole political bullshit of photography. Anyways awesome exhibit and totally worth checking out. Olive wasn't super pumped to sit and watch the video so we danced around and played with some metal beads that were hanging around. She was entertained and I was able to watch the video. I also got her laughing super hard during the video. If I pull her close to something then quickly pull her away she just cracks up like its the funniest thing in the world. People weren't too thrilled but I thought it was cute. After looking at the photos we grabbed some food and sat in the grass and relaxed before we headed back to the oc.

obsessed with untying shoes.

purse snatcher.

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