Thursday, June 16, 2011

swim swim

This week just flew by, which always seems to happen when my mom is here. It just goes by too fast. We spent most of the week running around doing errands. She is a really good motivator and always gets me to check stuff off my list. On wednesday Olive had swim lessons and my mom came and shot some photos. Olive's morning started off pretty crappy and it kinda made for a grumpy swim lesson. I could tell when we were sitting there waiting to go in the water that she wasn't going to be happy. It's funny to be able to read her moods in certain situations. When we first got in the water she was all smiles but as soon as Rosi took her and she went under water she was pissed. She swallowed a bunch of water and I think it scared her so she was pretty mad. After calming down she enjoyed just floating around with me and splashing the water. Excuse my ridiculous faces, I was pumping Olive up or something like that. Also how cool is her swim instructor??

Oh and I got a hair cut. I tracked down my old stylist and finally got a good haircut.It feels so happy!

Before my mom left today we ran to Toys R Us. I think the last time I was there was when I was 8. I think its probably like walking into Forever 21 as an adult. There is just so much color and stuff and you have no idea where to go or even look. It was terribly overwhelming. We went there cause we heard they had a good selection of wood toys but turns out they are only for older kiddos, nothing much for under a year. So instead we got her a jet ski that was on clearance. Why this would be on clearance I have no idea cause its seriously a HOT item for summer. I wanted to shoot photos with her in a bathing suit but I thought that would be some form of child abuse.

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