Monday, June 13, 2011

Shark on the ceiling

I dumped all my iphone photos on my computer tonight so here is a little catch up of the last few days. I was tickling Olive today and when she opened her mouth I saw tooth #5 poking through. So looks like she will have 3 teeth in front till the other one comes through. I can tell its puffy but unless it pops through overnight she will have a sweet grill of three teeth. I should of figured she was teething since she was up every few hours last night. Poor thing.

My mom is in town for the week so I'm excited to have some fun and of course help with Olive!

Our new favorite park

Looks identical to Blakes baby photos. She isn't really that red she just got a little sun and it was super hot out.

Don't bug me while I watch Yo Gabba Gabba

Starting to feed herself with a spoon. Messy baby has a whole new meaning. It's kasha and banana although it looks like peanut butter.


  1. OMG hahah! When I seen the title, I thought no way! My son like's to "lemme tell you a story" and he proceeds to tell everyone "one upon a time, there was a shark up there [ceiling]". Too funny!

  2. my son used to love climbing under his exosaucer! so funny.