Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mom date

Olive and I went on a "date" Thursday with a new mom friend and her baby girl. Isn't is weird mom dating? Unless all your best friends live in the same area as you and you all pop out babies at the same time making mom friends can be hard and awkward. Since moving here I haven't really met any new mom friends and I've been a little sad. I think mostly its hard to find moms that are like me. Yep I'm an oddball. I have a lot of mom friends from high school that are the most amazing people in the world but we're very different. Not that my friends have to be just like me but sometimes a mom that can talk about a dirty diaper and also a metal band would be really cool.
Jessica and I met at Citrus Park and sat on the grass with our little ones. We talked and ate and I chased Olive around and it was lovely. I get all nervous like a real date. I wonder if she liked me as much as I liked her? Did I talk too much about me? Did I ask too many questions? I know I'm such a spazz but this is the shit I think about. Either way I had a great time I think she did too so I'm looking forward to more mommy/baby play dates.

So now we're into the weekend and I'm trying to catch on computer stuff while Blake sleeps. He got up with Olive this morning and let me go back to sleep for an hour so he is pretty tired. I seriously could of slept all day. We had a great week of sleep and Olive was only waking up once around 4am and then getting up for good around 6am. Then she slowly has started to do her 11pm wake up and then another one anywhere from 1-3am with a final wakeup at around 5:45. I'm not sure why she wakes up but I've just gone back to going in there and nursing her back down since letting her cry sucked and this is just easier. Just taking it day by day. Anyways we had a nice day. I went to kickboxing and I am hurting big time. That combined with the shred is an ass kicker on the body but I just keep thinking summer summer summer! Once Olive woke up from her nap we headed to our favorite coffee place again. We've kinda become obsessed but its been fun to make it a Saturday thing. We met up with Evan and ate lunch at one of the food trucks that was hanging out. Then we wandered around a bit and decided since the weather was crap we would go to South Coast Plaza so Blake could check out a pair of shorts he wanted. We were in an out in about 30 min which was 30 min too long. The mall is just weird but by the time we came out the weather was nice and sunny. We went home and hung out while Olive slept and then we walked over to Target to get a Frisbee. Every summer Blake and I get really excited about something sporty. The last few years it's been tennis but this year its frisbee. We have a great park super close so I see some serious frisbee in our future. I know, it's weird. Then we bbq'd up some food and put the little one to bed. We've been trying to watch JFK for the last few nights since we've both never seen it and damn its a long movie. I think at the rate we're going it will take a week to finish. Trying to decide what to do tomorrow. The weather has been shit, total June gloom but I'm sure we'll manage to find something. Frisbee perhaps.....

Blake and I went on a date last night to sushi and a movie (we saw super 8)  I went wild and got popcorn and an icee. So good but so so bad. I ordered a small. Does this look small to you?

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