Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Night Food Making

This is what friday night looked like in my house. WILD me! I spent the evening making food for the little one. With a few glasses of wine for me! I actually enjoy the process and it makes me feel good that I can give her the yummiest stuff. I went a little crazy and made a bit too much food and not enough containers so I had to get creative. I get so excited after the farmers market and just want to make everything. I'm still making her purees since I'm kinda nervous about giving her chunks of food. Although tonight she was picking up the food off her tray and putting it in her mouth so I'm guessing she might be ready for chunks. She has tried most veggies, at least the ones we eat all the time so I'm hoping eventually I will just be able to give her our dinner and mash it up as needed. I've been adding more grains and a bunch of new fruits to her meals and she seems to like everything. Obviously some days she just isn't in the mood to eat but for the most part she is ok with it. I'm proud that I've bought everything organic and for the most part local for her. Most people complain that buying organic is expensive and yes it does cost a few more bucks but really if you added it up it might just be enough to skip one meal out or not buy coffee out a few mornings. We're talking a few bucks and this is coming from someone who has to watch every single dime I spend. Happy Eating!

Carrots, three kinds of sweet potatoes, kale, squash, zucchini, apple and in the middle is basil.

Millet, zucchini, apple, and basil.

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