Sunday, August 28, 2011

11 months

I never know how to start these things. There is always so much to say but I never quite know how to spit it all out and then I get sidetracked talking about who the hell knows what but I'll do my best to sum up 11 months.....

I guess the first thing is walking. She mostly walks but occasionally crawls in order to get somewhere super fast. It's more of a bear crawl as her knees don't touch the ground. Every day the crawling gets less and less. I find that she prefers to walk when she has something in her hand which is pretty much all the time. She is constantly doing something, such a busy little girl. She isn't super into playing with her toys these days. I try to pull things out but she is obsessed with her books. I'm not kidding, we will sit for hours and she will just hand me books to read. Sometimes she lets me read through the entire book and then she hands it back and I read it again and again. Other times she hates the book we are reading and makes this horrible ick noise and knocks it away. She has started to get VERY opinionated! So ya lots of book reading. She also likes to eat her books. Other favorite toys include the remote control, my iphone, dvd's, measuring cups, and my old camera. I'm sure she will get back into her toys again but for now she wants everything that isn't a toy. She loves playing in the backyard and we spend a lot of time going out there. She loves her swing and when she wants on it she will let me know. She points and makes noises and then when I lift her up she squeals. She is learning how to communicate in funny little ways that I understand. Since she can't talk and if she doesn't know the sign it's like a funny game trying to figure out what she is trying to tell me.

When she isn't handing me books she is torturing Sierra. She knows how to throw the toy for her now and when she takes too long Sierra grabs it out of her hand and she screams from excitement. She gets the biggest kick out of feeding her. The poor dog is obese now. She will take a few bites of whatever she is eating and then offer some to Sierra. I've tried to stop her but it's pointless. She is eating, the dog is eating, we're all happy. The slobber exchange is just lovely but what are you gonna do? The only problem is Olive has started throwing things at her. Not all the time but here and there it happens. She will take her sippy cup, walk straight up to her and throw it down at her. It's pure evil. Should I be worried? I always tell her not to do that but she totally doesn't get it.

When she isn't trying to knock Sierra out she is sweet. She gives kisses to her books, toys, and to us. She will put her head down and come in for a quick snuggle too. She is also very gentle when she touches Sierra now. She has finally learned how to pat gently. She just needs to stop the throwing things.

Sleep has been good but I never get too comfortable as I know it can and will change. I think we're on almost 2 weeks of sleeping through the night. Well from 6:45-5 but still working on not waking up at 5. She mostly goes back to sleep till 6 but not all the time. Working on that. Just happy she isn't eating 2x a night like she was a few weeks ago. She naps 2x a day. Her first nap is around 8:30 or 9 and her second nap is around 1 or 2. I know so boring but if I have more babies I want to remember all this info cause I never will. Naps are hit and miss. Some days they are 30 min and other days they are an hour.

She is funny. I know that sounds stupid, I mean how can a baby be funny but she really is. She plays this game with Blake when she is eating where she pretends to give him the cup then pulls it away. She laughs so hard and I feel like it's her version of goofing around. She makes funny faces and blows raspberries on my leg and laughs at herself. She stands on her head and looks between her legs. A million other things but she is definitely going to be a goofball.

She loves sharing. Not just with Sierra but she gets the biggest kick out of handing me something. When I say a big thank you, you can tell she is satisfied with herself. She thinks it's hysterical when she hands me food and I pretend to eat it and make a "nom nom" sound. I love that babies enjoy silly little things like this.

I think her favorite thing is the beach. She is happy when she can play by the water or roll around in the sand. She has yet to shove sand in her mouth or do a face plant so I feel very happy about that. She loves wandering down by the water and pointing to the birds and talking to all the people. When she isn't near the water she is playing in the sand, laying on her belly just hanging out. I'm a little sad summer will be over soon because she is having so much fun. Next summer will be a little less relaxing, chasing her all around while she tries to swim to Catalina and chase the birds. 

I love my happy wild child!

Pick it up and throw it down. Over and over.

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