Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bridal Shower

If I eat another cake pop I think I am going to explode. I seriously can't stop. I made the mistake of bringing a few home from the shower thinking Blake would eat them. See, Blake has self control and I do not. There are only 2 left so at least that is the most I can eat. I was so excited my treats were a big hit at the bridal shower. I always get so nervous but people were so sweet and I was asked for many recipes but the real excitement was that there was barely anything left! I tried to make them pretty but I still haven't gotten the whole aesthetic thing down.  I will be making the cake pops for Olive's party and also the salted caramel brownie bites. I will do cupcakes as well but they will be a totally different look and flavor. These were lemon which was yummy but it's not my favorite but I know Julie likes that flavor and she is the bride to be! My next baking adventure will be penis cookies for her bachelorette party. Silly I know but even at 31 years old biting into a penis shaped cookie is funny. 
Lemon Cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting.
Funfetti and red velvet cakes pops.

Salted caramel brownies.

The shower was super fun and everything went smoothly. Lots of yummy food that Alison worked her ass off cooking. And with a 4 year old and 4 month old. Hello super mom! We were a pretty good team putting it all together. It was fun to meet and re-meet some of the ladies that will be at the bachelorette party in September and most of all celebrate Julie getting married.

 Today we were pretty mellow. We got up with intentions to run a bunch of errands but decided when we got in the car that the zoo sounded fun. We did a quick lap around and showed Olive all the critters. The good thing about the Santa Ana Zoo is you can pop in and out in about 30 min so it's kinda a mini adventure. After that we were on a mission to find a helmet that fit Olive and a bike seat that will attach to the front of Blake's bike. Unfortunately Olive was not into this at all. She wanted nothing to do with trying on a helmet so we gave up and decided to go home. She was super grumpy the whole day every single time we got in the car so we just decided going home was the best idea.

Blake ran out and got us some lunch while I made some lunch for Olive and we all sat at the table to eat. She tried edamame for the first time and loved it. I mixed it with some carrots and avocado and she was a happy girl. She is still being funny with chunky food although she did eat some chunks of avocado and bananas today but otherwise everything gets spit out. No idea why but she will get it eventually. After she was done eating she kept grabbing for my sandwich and chips so I let her try an olive, tomato, and chip. She seemed to be into the tomato and chip but not so much with the olive. It's so funny to see what she will do with certain foods. After that we all took naps. LAZY house!  Once she woke up we went for a walk around the block (we held her hands and let her walk off an on) so I'm hoping that will make her nice and sleepy all night. Speaking of sleeping I got total blog karma. The night I posted about how well she was doing with her new sleeping schedule she totally had the worst night ever. She was up all night crying, it was awful. The last few nights have been better but she is still waking up once to eat and then for the last few days she has been up at 5am and had the hardest time going back to sleep. Eventually she does on and off till 6 where we let her get up. So ya sucky sucky sucky! We'll get there eventually but this sleep thing has been a long road.

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