Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mama wants a new pair of shoes

and a purse and some pants, and perhaps a few shirts. With my upcoming trip to NY I am getting the shopping itch. I want to have some cute outfits to feel pretty in. Don't get me wrong I have clothes in my closet but they are kinda bla. I don't really shop anymore since we don't have the extra money and to be honest most of the time I'd rather buy Olive a cute outfit. The thing is, I did lose most of my pregnancy weight (the scale says so) but I still have a squishy tummy so I don't really have anything that fits me well. I know I know first world problems but bottom line is I want some new cute things. Sadly I will only be fake shopping but it's still pretty fun.

Since most of our days will be out and about I want a biggish purse to carry mine and Olive's stuff in. I will not be lugging the diaper bag so I thought something in between would be good. And if I'm fake shopping I'm going big.


Urban Outfitters


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