Sunday, August 7, 2011

Babies and Nature

Almost had to quit my computer forever. Every week I think that my computer has about one more second left in it and tonight I really thought this was the night it would die. Still not sure if it will make it till the morning but fingers crossed cause there is no new computer in my future. On to less depressing things......

 Besides technical difficulties the weekend was pretty nice. On Saturday we went to a baby shower for a family friend. My mom was down for that too so that was a fun treat. The shower was fun and filled with a bazillion babies. Olive got to hang out with her friend Lily which was nice since they don't get to see each other often. It was at a restaurant which worried me a bit cause she has been getting pretty antsy when we go out but she did really good. A lot of snacks and a Grandma sitting next to her was a BIG help! That night my mom watched Olive while Blake and I had a sushi date. It was so nice to get out and eat dinner and not have to hurry. I even managed to drink an entire sake which was delicious but could also have potentially cause insomnia. Yep I was up the entire night tossing and turning. Not cool at all. Surprisingly I wasn't that tired today. I think very little sleep suits me.

(crappy cell phone pics)

Grandma, Lily, and Olive

Today Blake actually planned a fun day for us which was the best thing ever. There is nothing hotter than a man taking charge and planning the day and coming up with ideas. I know it's silly but I love it. I'm usually the one who has to say oh lets do this or that but today this was all his idea. More of this please! We left right when it was Olive's nap time so that she would sleep on the drive there and that we would be able to make a breakfast stop. First stop was breakfast burritos in Corona Del Mar. After that we headed to El Moro to hike. I love me some hiking but since it's has been so damn hot we  haven't been able to go. That and being really lazy. Today was overcast and since the hike was overlooking the beach we got an amazing breeze. We opted for the wussy trail which was about 3 miles but it was actually the perfect amount. I strapped Olive to my ergo as a backpack and off we went. This was the first time I've carried her like that and she was pretty into it. She waved at every person that walked by and she loved looking at all the trees and wild flowers. She is definitely a curious little thing. She got a little over it towards the end but I think she enjoyed it for the most part. The sun started to come out so we decided to head down to Crystal Cove beach. We had both never been there and it was a bit of a hike with all our shit and a baby but the beach was really pretty and not too crowded. Apparently there are really cool tidepools but we never made it there. Olive played in the water and crawled all over the beach. She is pretty entertained for a few hours on the beach now but I always know when she is ready to go because she starts to get into bags and things she knows that she isn't supposed to. It's funny at home she does the same thing. I can kinda tell when she is getting tired but as soon as she hits that super grumpy point she goes right over to the fireplace and pulls at this foam stuff we have which we've told  her a million times not to so she totally knows its a big no. We headed home and I don't even think we were out of the parking lot before she was asleep. We had a yummy bbq for dinner and that's about all. Pretty good weekend!

I eat sand.

Waving at the birds.

Pole dancing.


Better without the stem.

Model pose with strawberry.

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