Thursday, August 11, 2011

cake poop

I've been a baking machine for the last few hours. I made 75 cake pops. Those are sure a labor of love but I'm happy with the way they came out (for being a cake pop noob) so I hope they will stay adorable till Saturday's bridal shower. Tomorrow I will be making salted caramel brownies and lemon cupcakes. My mom is here to help out with Olive so it's made it a lot easier to get stuff done. Although I did put my mom to work on the cake pops. If you really want to be efficient it's best to have someone doing the design right after you dip them. Enough sweets talk, I feel nauseous from having my hands submerged in cake dough for the last few hours.
With my mom in town we tend to get a ton done. We are pretty much all set for Olive's birthday party besides the drinks and the desserts that I need to make the day before but all has been ordered and it's just all about the set up. Last night we played around with some colors and decided on some tablecloths and napkins. Little details but this is all the fun stuff I love to do. Hoping what I have in my head will all come out. I love me a party!
I can't believe Olive will be one. I know I keep saying it but it really has flown by. It's amazing to see just how much she is growing even in the last week or two. She understands so much now. Her new thing is brushing her own hair. Blake gives her a bath every night and lately she has wanted to brush her own hair. Now every time we go into the bathroom she starts making the motion to brush her hair. She knows exactly what cupboard the brush is in so she pulls it out and starts brushing. The cuteness is kinda ridiculous. And now when we just randomly ask her to brush her hair she will make the motion but it's like this super stiff intense brush. She just kills me. She is signing a lot more things too. She gets the sign for milk now but she still occasionally grabs at my shirt but she is getting much better at signing. If we are anywhere and she sees a cup she signs for her sippy cup. We were at Babies R Us yesterday and we went down the sippy cup isle and I thought she was gonna go crazy, she was so excited about all the cups. She also does the sign for all done and she shakes her head no when I ask her something. She also shakes her head when she knows that she isn't supposed to do something. If you ask her where Sierra is or daddy she looks right over to the person. It's pretty amazing how fast all of this started happening. She is really into copying so much more now. It used to be kinda hit and miss but now she will copy whatever you are doing for the most part. She is really trying hard with words. She talks a lot I mean A LOT but mostly just baby talk! I think she said banana yesterday. I kept repeating it over and over and she said "nanna" over and over so I'm pretty sure that was her try at banana.
Last Thursday we started getting more serious about her sleeping and we've been trying to get her down to only waking up once a night. We  had a few really rough nights where Blake was in and out of her room all night trying to calm her down (by rubbing her back) without me just shoving my boob in  her face. It was hard but after a few days it seemed to work and for the last few nights she has only been getting up once. I know things change but I am really hoping this won't. I mean if she wants to sleep through the night then I am all for it but I'll take the baby steps of only getting up once. It has made such a difference in sleep, I feel so much more relaxed and she is so much happier because she is getting a ton of sleep. She also hasn't been nursing herself to sleep as much. Occasionally she will but for the most part she eats in like 2 min then she gets a case of the giggles. It's bizarre.  I actually made a video of this the other night so I may post it later. She will just start laughing. The first night she did it I was so confused so I just put her in the crib and walked out. When I checked the monitor she was totally finding her little spot to sleep and then just passed out. She has been putting  herself to sleep like a champ. I know this could change as soon as she gets another tooth (which I think is going to happen soon) but I'm enjoying it now and hoping for the best.
Hummus and Strawberries.

It looks like like a first day of school pose.

Dr visit. One shot and she now weights 18 pounds.

Sharing her plums with the pups.

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