Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Party

I can't get enough of watching Olive enjoy the beach so there are way too many photos of her. Major editing fail. We spent Saturday in Carlsbad for Nola's third birthday party. Sadly I have no other photos of the party as my camera decided to eat sand and not work for most of the day. A bunch of my friends were there for the party and we just lounged on the beach the entire day. Olive was a happy little thing the whole day. She even went 3 hours past her nap without getting grumpy at all. The beach is a miracle for sure. She wandered around entertaining herself with all the beach toys, sand, crawling all over my friends, and playing with the kids. On the way home we stopped at one of my favorite burrito places from when I used to live there. So so good till about midnight when Blake woke up and thought he was dying. Soon after I felt like crap too. We figured the food must of had MSG cause we were both wide awake the entire night and in the morning we felt like we had hangovers. I've never in my life had a problem with MS. Getting old is the pits.

So today we were a little on the slow side. We met up with Cameron and his lady friend for breakfast before heading down to the beach. Olive made up for her perfect Saturday by being a wild child at breakfast (aka a total nightmare). Her tooth is almost sticking through on the bottom so I'm pretty sure that was making her irritable. We only spent a few hours down at the beach. I actually got a quick nap in while Blake and Robin played with Olive. Then Robin was able to get Olive to sleep so I got some reading in. Yay relaxing! We're having a quiet night now. Blake is watching Scarface and I'm half watching while playing around on the computer.

She learned how kiss last week so she was having a major makeout session with Gavin. Every time she learns something new I say it's my favorite but I really think this is the best.

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