Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ever since Olive was born I've carried her in various wraps and carriers. We started off in the moby which at first gave me a ton of anxiety because it was a bit difficult to learn how to use. Once I got used to it I loved it, especially when she was a newborn. Ahhh how I miss the newborn hold on that. Once she was able to hold her head up she was a bit too hyper for the moby. I tried other holds but she is a hyper little thing so she would always move too much and loosen the whole wrap. So then I got the ergo which is AMAZING. I cannot imagine life without it. At first when she was a little shorter it was annoying cause her little head was so far down and she couldn't really see out but once she got tall enough she was able to turn her head around and put her hands up and over and find her little spot. It's perfect for running an errand real quick when you need your hands and don't want to bother with a shopping cart or when we take a walk to the park and the stroller seems like too much work. Lately she has gotten a bit ansy in the ergo cause I think she wants to look out a little more. I refuse to use the bjorn cause it is so uncomfortable so I've decided I need a sling! I've seen a lot of mom bloggers talk about the Sakura Bloom and I'm thinking that is the one that I want. With our upcoming trip to NY I'm thinking this will work the best for us. Since she has started walking here and there I imagine it will be full blown walking in September so this looks like it is a little easier to get her in and out. Anyone use this sling and have any opinions on it?

Let's hope my money tree sprouts a few extra leaves for all the wants I have for NY.........

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