Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer cold

Sick days are boring but we made it. I never got out of my pj's and didn't take a shower so I felt pretty gross all day. We didn't leave the house, only ventured into the backyard a few times. Tomorrow we will leave for a bit cause this momma was going stir crazy! Olive was a bit boogery but was in a pretty good mood considering she has a summer cold. She slept pretty good last night too which was great so fingers crossed she does well tonight. Last night we eventually got her back down around 10pm and she was up at 5am so it wasn't awful. The 5am wake up thing blows but hoping it's just from the cold and teething. Not going to stress on it now till she is all better then we'll figure it all out. We have a really good friends 1st birthday on Saturday so I'm hoping that she is all better. We still have time so I think we'll be fine, unless I get the cold. Booooo.

Hand-me-down sweatpants. Pretty much the most perfect sick outfit.

New black sparkle Toms came in the mail today. Thanks Grandma!
She can reach the 7"'s. Shit.......

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