Monday, August 29, 2011

heathen parenting 101

Hello heatwave! It's been so hot in southern California the last few days and I'm pretty sure Saturday hit the triple digits. We went to Lily's first birthday party which was super fun but hot as shit! Olive spent most of the party playing in the drink buckets which were filled with ice. Smart baby! Although I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were heathen parents for letting her get all dirty and wet but she was having so much fun and staying cool. I think every single person at the party asked me if her feet were burning cause she didn't have shoes on. The first thing I did before I put her down was feel the ground which was totally cool and really what child needs shoes on at a house party?? Yep we totally got the heathen parent award for the day!  Besides sweating our asses off the party was super fun and the birthday girl was adorable! Her ladybug themed party and outfit to match was pretty much the cutest.

matching with Jared.

Jan made all the cakepops. I'm pretty much cakepop obsessed.

Ladybug tattoo.

Hugs from Jan.

Letting out her super girly scream.

After the party we went back to my parents house and we all passed out in the living room with the a/c blasted. The heat totally knocked us on our asses. After naps we went out for sushi dinner before heading back to the oc. Olive is in a bit of a weird stage to go out to dinner so it's always a bit tricky. She has no interest in sitting for a long time and would rather run around and explore so dinners are always quick and messy. I'm pretty sure she is going through a growth spurt cause she seriously chowed down. She ate an entire packet of plums food which is pretty normal but then she sucked down a huge bowl of tofu and half an avocado along with various snacks I had in my bag. I've never actually seen her eat that much but today she did the same thing. Anyways she entertained herself at dinner by shoveling the food in her face then smashing her hands down on the table and letting out a scream. Then occasionally she would pick up a handful of food and smear it all over her head. It was pretty hysterical but probably just a few more examples of us being the heathen parents.

clapping at herself.

slamming down hands on food.

rubbing food in hair. thank goodness for Grandmas that don't mind cleaning off babies.

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