Wednesday, March 23, 2011

6 months

Today Olive is 6 months old. To celebrate we had sweet potatoes and put on a fashion show! Her teeth made their grand entrance today too. What a way to celebrate 6 months. I have to say this is my favorite age yet. People have told me I will say that about every age but this is pretty fun. I love that she is so curious about everything and anything around her. I love how she interacts with people, always flashing smiles and being super goofy. The talking has really started and she just blabs and blabs. She will go on and on without stopping for a few min. The only real word we can hear is mama and she uses that word ALL the time. Instead of crying when she wakes up from her nap I hear "mama mama" over and over till I come. She has learned that saying it gets my response but I don't know if she knows I'm mama. We're trying for Dada and I'm sure its just a matter of days away. I think crawling will be around the corner too. She can scoot backwards but can't quite get the forward motion although everyday is so much closer and when she is sitting up and goes to her hands and knees I'm always thinking she is going to do it. Her favorite thing is bouncing on the ground, on your lap, anywhere anytime. She loves to sit on the floor and shove all her toys in her mouth. I am just in love with her personality and how silly she is and of course the energy. Oh man the energy. She is going to be a wild child but I wouldn't want it any other way. Changing diapers and trying to get a photo without her moving is nearly impossible these days (unless the dog is in sight and she gets fixated) She just wants to go go go. I love her laugh and how easy she will just flash a smile. I feel so lucky to be her mama!

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