Thursday, March 24, 2011

fuck ya mom

Just got back from Olive's 6 month check up. She was a total champ the whole time. She didn't even cry when they gave her a shot. She made a pissed off noise with the cold spray but after the shot I scooped her up and got her to laugh. She is one tough cookie. So far I love the new dr, I mean this is the third one and she is only 6 months old. Makes me feel like a crazy person cause I'm so not that type of person to be this picky but I think we found a keeper. She is young, sweet, has kids, and was totally on board with my ideas for vaccination. I told her what shots I wanted to do today and she said it was perfectly fine since I'm pretty much on track. For the most part I'm following dr.sears schedule. Just makes sense to me and really only burdens me since I will be going in monthly instead of every few months. Dr's here are pretty hip to it considering Dr.Sears practices a few miles away. I can't imagine the wait to get in to see him. Yikes.

So Olive weighed in at 16.5 and is 26 inches long. She is falling into the 75th% now so she has slowed down a bit since she was up in the 90th% before. Everything else looks perfect and as I suspected she has eczema on her tummy, back, and diaper area. I kinda assumed that was what the rash was after nothing took it away and when I put something with more of a greasy base it seemed to help which makes sense. That would be from Blake! But at least there are tons of things to help manage it and it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

We're heading up to Mammoth tomorrow so I'm trying to get everything together today. My mom is up there to watch Olive so we can snowboard! Doing laundry and making piles of stuff to bring up. We already travel pretty heavy with all our camera crap but add a baby to that and its insane. I'm hoping to relax a little bit up there. I've had a terrible time sleeping the last two days. That on top of Olive waking up a few times and taking forever to go back to sleep. I'm usually able to turn everything off when I get into bed but for some reason the last few days my mind is just buzzing. I'm going to be in a gallery show next month and I'm stressing on what to print for it and mostly how I'm going to afford the print and then hope to god is sells so I can cover my expenses. What I want to show and what I can show are kinda conflicting cause of money. It just makes me feel shitty that I can't pull it together. I guess I always thought when I was in my 30's I would have it all figured out and be financially comfortable. What a fucking joke.

On a kinda funny I'm a mom fuck ya note I was able to shower, dry and straighten my hair, put makeup on and get dressed in 20 min today while singing wheels on the bus and old McDonald to Olive who was not happy I was trying to get ready. I was pretty proud. Normally I take my shower and stuff when Olive takes her first nap but today with the dr appt that didn't work like that but good to know it can be done.

A few photos from our adventure out the other day.

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  1. you are so cute!!! you look great BW'ing too! My son slowed down (with weight gain) around one but I know how making the big leap from 90% to 75% but no worries all babies are different :D