Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yep those words came out of her mouth today several times. Obviously she had no idea what she was saying but she sure said it and I have it on video many times BUT the only time she said it was when she was crying and grabbing at her poor teething mouth. So I'm thrilled she said it but I feel awful that she said it while in pain. Poor little girl.

The teething is going ok. Most of the day is totally fine then towards the later afternoon she will have little spurts of pain. Usually it passes pretty quickly. The bottom gums are so puffy so I'm hoping anytime now we'll be seeing some teeth. Someone told us to use clove oil (diluted with olive oil) and rub it on the gums and I think its working out pretty well. Its pretty stinky but Olive doesn't seem to mind. Yesterday she made a cry I've never heard before and it sounded like something really hurt. It didn't last long but those buggers are sure pissing her off. I tried a washcloth with an ice cube in it as well and that was pretty successful. Otherwise she is pretty happy putting any of her toys in her mouth including my hand. Whatever works.

Besides the teething this evening we had a really nice day. Olive was her happy self while we were out and about. We had our typical farmers market Thursday. We strolled around and got all our fruits and veggies then stopped at the food trucks for lunch. Olive took a nap in her stroller and I enjoyed some sliders and made some phone calls. I know people are so over the food truck rage but I still love it. Its so much fun to get people all together in one area with communal tables especially in California where no one talks to each other. Plus people get so excited about food and I always have people coming up and asking me what I'm eating and what I've tried. Its like this weird social gathering. After Olive woke from her nap we headed home. Blake got off work early so that was really nice to have him there. I even had time to bake some banana bread! We played with my new bike and hung out with Olive. Now I'm off to sleep.

Testing out my new bike. Ya don't get jealous east coast, it was SOOOO hot out.

Giggles with Blake and Olive

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  1. Oh I think she knows what she's saying ;) At least I refuse to believe otherwise. lol

    My kids have all started saying "mama" by 4mo, and generally during crying or when upset. The after that it progressed to other times during the day.
    I think they absolutely know who will provide the comfort and they call for us. "mamaaaaa"

    Relish it. =)