Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yay for Sleep

This is a first, Blake and I are all packed up and ready to leave the house and we're just waiting for Olive to wake up. I'm not complaining its the best thing ever. Blake's parents watched her last night while we went out to dinner and put her down around 8:30pm. She got up at 5am to eat real quick and is still sleeping at almost 8:30. (just woke at 8:40) I'm sure she is making up for lack of sleep from the other night but this is a schedule I can deal with. It feels so good to be rested. The best news is she wasn't swaddled. Yay for sleep!

Last night at sushi. So happy to drink a big sake!

Olive's new bathing suit from my mom.
I got this one so we're going to be twins on the beach. Sorta.

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