Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tofu burrito

Some days I wish I had an IV of coffee. Today was one of those days. Olive has started to bust of of her swaddle again which means she has been waking herself up a lot at night. Were in the biggest size swaddle so I think its becoming too small and she is just too strong. Its good cause we can slowly start to wean her off which means a lot of patience in the middle of the night. Tonight was the first night of putting her to sleep with one arm out. She has been asleep an hour so I'm hoping she will wake up for a feeding and not because she is smacking herself in the face. I know as she gets older and her movements are totally controlled this will be less of an issue but for now its causing a lot of sleepless night. Think sleep for us! The sleep thing is still whatever but I am really loving this age. She is so fun and has the best little personality. A TON of energy but I am just in love with how goofy she is. Of course she has her moments but for the most part this is a pretty fun age.

So besides being super tired I had a wonderful day in Carlsbad with a few of my friends. We met at the Outlet mall and wandered around with the kids. I'm not much for shopping at these types of places cause they mostly stress me out but the stores weren't actually that bad. There are a bunch of areas for kids to play and fountains to entertain them. We wandered around, went in a few stores, and had some lunch. The drive was also really nice. On the way there Olive passed out and I got to listen to my music really loud and just have some alone time while driving along the coast. Then on the way home she napped again and I got to catch up with a few friends on the phone. Silly and simple but pretty enjoyable. Blake was also down in San Diego for a photoshoot so he picked up some Pokez for us. It's been years since I've had the tofu burrito and I think about it all the time. I know, its sick but it is the best burrito in the world. When I was younger and lived in San Diego I spent so much time there. It was the coolest hangout ever and back in the days there was a pretty good chance you could have a Justin Pearson sighting. Ah the good old days of white belts and funny haircuts.

This is only half of the burrito. The other half will be breakfast.

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  1. i feel like i need an IV of coffee as well!

    my son also busts out of his swaddle pretty regularly. i keep telling my husband i am going to buy fleece by the yard and keep swaddling him no matter how big he gets!