Monday, March 21, 2011


Last night was the first time Olive slept in her crib (at night) It went pretty well and I don't think she was too freaked out. I was sad not to look over and see her but she is outgrowing her co-sleeper and her crib looks really comfy. I remember when she was first born and I set her down in her crib to do something and she just looked so small. At that point I couldn't imagine her sleeping in the crib but now when I put her in she fills it nicely.
We put her down around 8 and around 10 she started crying but I was able to run in immediately and pat her back and she went right back. I've read two conflicting things about rushing in on babies. First they say they need to be able to put themselves back to sleep so you aren't supposed to rush in at every noise but then I read that when they wake you should get to them before they are fully awake and get them back to sleep immediately so they don't get in a habit of waking up at that time. I know I know stop reading shit!! For Olive this is consistent. Around 10 she will start to stir and eventually get herself crying. So last night I was able to get to her fast enough and it took 2 seconds to get her back so I think that works for her. She was up again at 2 but she was acting hungry so I fed her and she went back to sleep. She was up again at 4:30 which is always a really bad time for her. I don't know why she gets up around then but its always hard to get her back down. It took Blake 30 min to get her back down and then she was up again at 5:30 which I fed her again and she went back to sleep till 7:45. Sleeping is this ongoing mystery because once you think things are going well for a few days then its off again and you have no idea what the hell happened or why she woke up. I'm really doing my best not to stress on it and deal with each night as it comes but its easy to say that when its light out and I've had a huge cup of coffee and I'm not half asleep and impatient. I'm just happy the first night of being in a crib was a success. Selfishly I think that I slept better too cause I am the worlds lightest sleeper so every little sound she made would wake me up so this way I'm actually getting a deeper sleep. We had some crazy weather last night like world ending storm of the year kinda weather. It was hailing and crazy thunder and lightning. I've never heard a storm so loud. Poor Sierra was sitting on Blake's pillow shaking. Crazy weather!

This is her new trick.

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