Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beach and Baby Shower

The weekend isn't quite over yet but its been pretty nonstop. Yesterday morning Blake went surfing so we hung at the beach. Olive was pretty happy sitting on her blanket with her toys. We hung at Blake's parents for awhile then went to see Ben and Kate before they are off to move to NY. Then we headed to lunch with Evan and Aimee. After that we headed home to quickly get ready to head to our friend Kat's baby shower. It was pretty nonstop but all fun stuff. The baby shower was really fun. Olive did pretty well. Lucky Grandma was there to keep her happy and get in a little nap. She stayed up past her bedtime but was pretty good about it. Kat is due in a few weeks and will be having a girl. Yay!
Now we're just waiting for Olive to wake up from her over two hour nap so we can head out. I'm LOVING this long nap thing she has been on. Let's hope it stays this way.

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