Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok and sunday

When I woke up on sunday I was on a mission to get a bird feeder. The other day I took a candle holder and made a make shift bird feeder and all of a sudden it was like a zoo in my backyard. Olive was into all the noises and I was happy to watch the little buggers. So a proper bird feeder was a must. Before heading to the swap meet so I could be nature Jenn we grabbed some breakfast while Olive took a nap. After breakfast Blake wanted to check out some bikes for me. I had to sell my bike in Brooklyn before we moved back (booooo sad) so I've been really missing riding. So, we found a bike that worked and got it! I will post some photos when Blake "de-nerds it" as he says. Now I need to get me some spandex and join the weekend warriors! So after the spontaneous bike buy we met up with a friend who was in town from NY. He got to say a quick hello to Olive. Then we were off to the swap meet with Blake's brother on a bird feeder mission. Olive took another mini nap while we wandered around and found my feeder. After that we headed down to the beach to say a quick hello to his family. Before heading home for the night we stopped for some Ramen. Yummmm. It was a nice simple day. All sundays should be so lovely.

*Also I've gotten some lovely comments from new readers and I couldn't be happier. Its great to discover their blogs as well. Its fun to have this online mama community.

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