Friday, March 11, 2011

mother nature

I woke Blake up at 4am to tell them there was a Tsunami warning for Newport Beach. Later when he woke up for the morning he thought it was a dream. For the first time ever we had the news on watching all the clips from the earthquake in Japan. So insane and so so sad. Mother Nature is Piiiiiiiiisssssed! We decided to stay inland today as I had planed to drop Olive off at Blake's moms while I went to kickboxing but considering she lives a block from the beach I decided not the best idea. I knew there wouldn't be a Tsunami but better to be safe. Plus last night was the first night we went swaddle-less so it was a very long night. I know we just have to do this for a few more nights and then she will be fine with no swaddle so I just keep telling myself that. We were literally up the entire night. Blake and I would switch back and forth trying to put her down. It wasn't so much a problem to bounce her to sleep but as soon as she would touch down on the bed she would be wide awake and scream. So lets just hope in a few more days she will be a perfect sleeper.

So I've been talking a lot about Olive's diaper rash and how nothing would take it away. It's been over a month now. We tried everything from a prescription to over the counter stuff to hippy dippy stuff and nothing. I tried cloth diapers and different brands of disposables and I couldn't find the combo that worked. But finally I went back to this jar I had used when we had thrush and it worked like a charm, that and the combo of the cloth diapers. So so happy to see her cute little rash free bottom again. Only bummer is the jar is super tiny and costs $10. We've been averaging about a jar a week so that adds up. So now I'm wondering if its just the waxy oil of the myrrh that is helping and I could use olive oil or something but I'm scared to change anything up cause we've got it under control. What to do what to do........


  1. my oldest son had a horrible diaper rash from the time he was 2 months until he was about 7 months old. it would blister up and bleed. he was in so much pain. it was horrible. we were prescribed ointments and tried everything the doctor told us, from frying up flour and putting in his diaper, to making this vinegar solution, pouring it into his diaper, and wrapping him up with saran wrap!

    nothing worked except time. i was so reluctant to have another baby after all of that!

  2. oh my gosh that is awful! Everytime I change her diaper I'm so scared it will be back and I'm sure you can imagine how awful it feels not to know what to do. fingers crossed I got it this time! Funny my Grandma used to fry flour and use it on my mom when she was a baby.

  3. This may just be my fave pic of Olive.