Wednesday, March 9, 2011

naked time

Today was the first day that really felt spring/summer like. It was VERY nice! We took a few photos of Olive's cute outfits for the day before we ran a few errands. I actually took out my good camera and took some photos (will post later)

We have a ouples baby shower on saturday for one of my good friends so I wanted to get her some goodies. I'm always torn, buy off the registry or get something creative? What do you guys do? I went with a little combo for her but it was mostly practical stuff. I LOVED getting random goodies from people that I didn't register for but at the same time I felt like I spent a lot of time making a registry and I was kinda particular about certain things so I was really happy when people got me things off there. I dunno such a hard call. Time to remove Olive from naked time. She told me she was done by pooping. Smart girl!

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