Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hello warm

Got back home this afternoon to some surprising warm weather. It's always fun to leave the snow and get back home to the warm in a matter of a few hours. California is pretty neat like that. Busy day tomorrow with a list a mile long so we'll see how much I can get done. Hoping Olive is loving being back in her crib and will sleep all night!!

Also my bff Kat is having/had her baby. I got a call from her boyfriend a few hours ago saying he was going to be a dad anytime now. Her due date wasn't till the end of April but apparently she went in for an appt today and they noticed her water had slowly been leaking so they had to do an emergency C-section. I'm freaking out not knowing what is going on but I'm hoping all is well and they are busy loving up their little girl right now.

Crazy eyes.
Our night out.
This is why Olive always does that open mouth smile, apparently I do it all the time too. Ya we wear helmets cause we're fucking gnar. (aka we're too poor to fix any injuries that may occur)
My momma and Olive.
First time sitting in a high chair in a restaurant. I'll be honest I was a little grossed out. I'm a germ freak but luckily my mom is too and she wiped it down clean. Yep I'm nuts.

One of my favorite onesies she has. Thanks Ashley!

Trying so hard to crawl but mostly doing a lot of faceplants and killer dance moves on all fours.


  1. I wish the warm weather would come back here lol. Olive is so adorable! How do you get her to keep the head bands on? Have you been putting them on her since she was a newborn? My niece won't wear them, and I hoping for a girl to put those cute head bands on.

  2. she hasn't noticed that they are on her head till they slip down and she eats them. we just started putting them on cause i was so sick of people calling her a boy. i never thought i would care but i get so annoyed. ha