Friday, March 18, 2011

too loud

Just got back from my parents house. I decided to head out there after the exterminator came yesterday to get a little break and hang with my mom. We got a really late start as apparently it takes FOREVER to kill termites. They drilled holes in our house and injected some foam stuff and so far we're termite free. It was really loud so Olive never got a nap the entire morning which lead to a pretty shitty nights sleep but we're back on schedule today so hopefully she will be a happy little girl.

When we got to my parents we headed out to the mall. My mom had to return some things and nothing like a little retail therapy with mom. I was feeling sad and off so it was nice to have my moms help and of course get some fun goodies to make me feel better! Olive had a full on breakdown in Macy's like hysterical wouldn't stop crying so I nursed here hoping that would help but nothing. She was so beyond tired. It was so sad. Finally after my mom and I both calming her she went to sleep for like 30 min. Staring off the day with no nap is bad news. Luckily she was super happy after her short nap. So later on we are in forever 21 and I was roaming around while my mom sat with Olive. When I'm in the dressing room I hear my mom calling for me and I was freaked out that Olive lost it again but apparently she just had to get away cause some lady was giving her a hard time saying it was too loud in there for Olive. Um what a bitch! First off ya there was music and it was sorta loud but really lady??? The fact that she would say something to my mom is just beyond rude. I wanted to say something to her but I decided it probably would of been really bitchy considering the mood I was in so I just glared while my happy baby giggled on my hip. Had she seen my tattoos I bet she would of thought I was in a gang. People can be so stupid.

After a lovely day of shopping we met up with my dad for some sushi. Yes I got my spicy tuna sushi (that I mentioned on my vlog) It was a pretty long night with Olive. She was up about 4 times but luckily in the am I was able to give her to my mom and get an extra hour of sleep. We came home in the early afternoon to avoid crazy friday traffic.

The rest of the day we played and played. So a little update on Olive. She is saying momma all the time now and not only when crying. Her new favorite thing is taking her hand and making noises with her mouth. She even has a nice rash on her hands from all her drool but it seems to entertain her. She can go from sitting to tummy now and most of the time its smooth with the occasional slam on the face. She has figured how to go halfway (in a crawling position) from a sitting position and she does a little dance back and forth but still won't actually crawl. She prefers to stand all the time and loves being lifted up by her arms. She just figured out that she can pull herself up on my arm without my help but she still can't quite pull herself up from a laying down position but its very close. Its insane how everything just happens all at once. I can't believe she will be 6 months in a few days.

So enough blabbing. Here are a few random photos and video. Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love your blog. You are sooo real and just say it how it is. Ugh on that lady at forever makes you wanna yell "did I ask you about the music level? No, mind your own business". Anyway, thank you for letting your readers in on bits of your life.