Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mammoth Weekend

I'm still up in Mammoth. Blake had to head home today but I decided to stay up here with Olive and my Mom. We've had a fun few days and I'm sad Blake had to leave. Boooooo. My mom has been a superhero helping out with Olive who has decided that sleeping is lame. I think the altitude was messing with her for the first few days so my mom slept with her after hours of Blake and I trying to get her back to sleep. Seriously how lucky am I? I have the best mom EVER! She is so helpful and makes life so much easier and of course fun. Yay for moms! Besides sleep being crappy we've had a lot of fun during the day. Olive is loving having Stella to grab at. We've been eating lots of yummy foods! She is also saying dada. She said it on the drive up to Mammoth while I was changing her diaper. My mom is determined to have her say Grandma by the time we leave. She is pulling herself up on everything and rolls everywhere now. She has always been rolling but now its like super duper speedy. She is getting on all 4's and doing a little dance but just keeps falling flat. So lots of floor playtime. I love being up here even if we just sit on the blanket in the most beautiful light all day.
Blake and I did manage to get up on the mountain today to snowboard and it was really fun till the wind kicked up and we turned into giant pussies and came back in. We also went out last night to see some bands play. It was a lot of fun to get out and listen to some music. So for the next few days we'll hang out and hopefully wander into town if it stays nice. Hoping to catch up on a little work and get all my gallery crap decided on.

****Does anyone have any fun recipes or know of good websites for baby food? I'm having so much fun making food for her. We've tried bananas, turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, and tomorrow zucchini. I want to get more creative and mix and match but I want her to get the hang of it first before we go wild. ****

Here are a few photos from my phone. I took a ton of photos with my good camera but those will have to wait since I left my card reader at home.

I've been giving her a cup the last few days and she is getting the hang of it. She loves to thrash it against the sink but it totally keeps her occupied so that we can eat a meal.
The drive to Mammoth, the chi found her sunspot.
Sierra trying to play with Olive.

Can you see the teeth? They are soooooo sharp. My nipples are scared.

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