Tuesday, July 13, 2010

29 weeks

Today I tried out another yoga place in Irvine. It was totally different than the other one I went to a few weeks back. It was an hour of straight yoga and I actually sweat. It felt really good. I felt nice and flexible and it was much needed! The teacher was a sub so not sure how the class goes normally but I guess I will see when I go back Saturday. Its nice since the class tomorrow is mostly talking and relaxing. Hopefully there will be some nice people in some of my classes. I really want to meet people who live here but being pregnant I just don't feel like myself so I'm kinda holding back. Its a lame excuse but its totally true. I've never had a problem making friends when I've moved to new places but I've also never been pregnant so its a little different. I don't feel especially social and not really feeling crazy adventurous. In all honesty I feel really boring and bla right now. Maybe I'm being a baby but being around people I know and feel comfortable with is the only thing I want right now. I guess I feel a little lonely. I don't think I wanted to admit that to myself and I'm not sure I realized it till today when I was driving home from yoga. I realized that I haven't felt that feeling in years and years which I guess is pretty lucky but damn its shitty. I know the hormones and being in a new place is an added stress. I'm really truly trying to keep my head up and stay focused on this baby. I dunno sometimes I just need to get it out to make me feel better. It will all pass......

I'm having an off night. She is kicking like crazy which is awesome but she keeps catching my bladder and side and its making me jump every time. Its also really hard to breath, I feel like I'm carrying a whale in my stomach. I hate complaining but I'm super whiny tonight. I tried watching TV and ended up getting up and pacing in the backyard watching a family of crickets and listening to the fireworks from Disneyland.

I started a new book last night, "Raising Baby Green." So far its really interesting. I semi finished "The No Cry Sleep Solution." I think its something I need to re read when I figure out what kinda habits baby has and then make a plan. There was a ton of good information about starting off with good habits and routines that was interesting. The more information the better!

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