Tuesday, July 20, 2010

big belly

Just got back from yoga. Some people are meant for yoga and I am not one of them. As much as I enjoy it and it actually feels really good on my body I have zero coordination. I've done yoga a zillion times but I'm just not good at it. Oh well as long as I'm getting a workout I guess it doesn't matter but I get so jealous of those people that just flow with it and make it look so natural. Its fun to be in a class with all the preggers cause when class starts everyone says what week they are in so its neat to see the different shapes and sizes of the bellies. The girl next to me was 31 weeks as well and she was shaped totally different. I am looking forward to getting back into kickboxing after the critter arrives. I guess I excel in kicking and punching things.....

I've been terrible about shooting photos considering that is what I do for a living so here are two from the cell phone (ya super good quality) The reason I'm posting them is not to show you my awesome bras but these were take 2 days apart. Maybe I'm nuts but I can see a huge difference. Even the shape is different.

Just got my hypnobabies cd in the mail from our doula and I'm supposed to start practicing everyday till classes start next week. I'm actually really excited to see what its like.

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