Monday, July 19, 2010

hyper baby

Baby has been kicking all night like crazy. I'm talking non stop. Aren't babies supposed to sleep a lot? I'm still blown away how much many changes happen on a daily basis. Just when I think she can't kick anymore she does. She has also started to really stretch out so I can feel her kick in two places at once (from one end of my stomach to the other) which is the newest weirdest thing.

I think she has dropped but I will ask my midwife on Wednesday cause I can really feel her pushing on my bladder. I literally pee every 30 min and sometimes even more. Fun fun! Today I started getting weird cramping when she would kick. I think its just the stretching of my skin which I really haven't felt this intense before. It feels so tight, I can't believe she is going to grow anymore. Sleeping is getting interesting too. As soon as I get comfortable on a side she starts kicking and then I feel like I'm squashing her so I'm constantly shifting around. Once she is asleep and quiet I can go back and forth on my sides which isn't really a choice since after about an hour some body part will go numb and I have to switch. Sometimes in the morning I will lay on my back and just stretch out for a few min. I know I'm not supposed to but I do it pretty quickly and it feels so nice. I have good nights and bad nights, but I'm glad that I'm getting sleep even if I stay awake during the middle of the night for a few hours. I'm back to feeling mostly sleepy like I did in the first trimester but I'm sure that is pretty normal. I can't believe I have 10 weeks left.

Blake got the new iphone so he was playing with the video. Of course as soon as he started filming she would stop kicking like crazy but you can see a little movement.

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