Monday, July 12, 2010


Just some photos from the weekend. It was a nice quiet weekend here. Didn't do much saturday (I was in a super grumpy mood and feeling sorry for myself-thanks hormones)
For dinner we went down to the Orange Circle cause I've never been. It was neat to walk around. A bunch of cute stores and lots of little places to eat. We ended up at a Cuban place. It was ok, nothing special but sitting outside was really nice and just getting out after being a grump all day. The whole place feels really haunted.

Sunday we got up and headed to HB dog beach. There was supposed to be a dog surf contest but I think we got there too late. Sierra didn't seem to care, she was happy running around. We ran her around awhile and then came back to the house. We had some gardening to do. Blake built up my rocking chair too! We're so damn domestic. I cooked up a vegan storm. Chocolate chip cookies and Farmers Market Sandwich.

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