Monday, July 26, 2010

Crispy Critter

Yesterday I decided that it would be a good idea to work on my tan. Its been a good 10 years since I actually had a real tan but I thought I still had it in me. Apparently I have lost the ability to tan. I look like a tomato. My belly is lobster red and it hurts. I guess the good news is it will turn into a tan but the bad news is the back of me is still ass white. Here I am before the nasty sunburn.

We spent the weekend at my parents for my moms birthday. On Saturday we went to the Renegade Crafts Fair in downtown LA. We got a few more pieces of art for the babies room and some other cute things but my mom is holding them for ransom till my baby shower.

After that we headed to Malibu for dinner at Cafe Habana. It was a favorite place in NY but they just opened one out here so that was pretty exciting. They have the best corn in the entire world! Then we ended with some crumbs cupcakes and Hot Tub Time Machine. It was a long day for a preggers but really fun!

I'm noticing the everyday something changes on my body. I'm trying to emmbrace it as an amazing thing rather than a burden but its hard. I'm definitely uncomfortable now, there is no going back on that. Bending over sucks and doing even the smallest things is a hell of a lot more difficult. I feel like my belly is growing a lot faster now and still everyday I can't imagine it getting any bigger but my body is going to do what its supposed to do no matter how much I bitch and moan. She is totally active pretty much the entire day. Last night we could totally feel her entire head. Since I have an idea of her position its much easier to figure out body parts. Last night in the car ride home she was kicking so hard up into my ribs I was positive she was going to break them. Every time I would jump and scream cause she seems to get right under the rib. Its just a surreal feeling. Then I guess when she moves her head in a certain place it will send these surges into my bladder that makes me feel like I have to pee. My dad called it lightning crotch, said he remembers it with my mom.

As much as I bitch all this stuff happening to me is pretty incredible. Its just hard when its as much an emotional journey as it is physical. I find myself getting so bitchy and impatient. I try to control it but its really really hard. I'm sure not sleeping isn't helping but I know that is pretty normal. I wake up every single night around 3 ish and just lay there for hours. Most of the time I cry which sounds really emo but its not. I'm just emotional and tired so all my thoughts just attack me and I have get them out. Maybe other pregnant people are going through this, maybe not. I dunno but it works for me. Just going to try and get through these next few weeks and focus on my birth.

I've been doing my hypnobabies exercises and I really enjoy them. At first I would just pass out and sleep (although they say its ok cause your subconscious still hears everything) but I'm starting to find a place where I can focus more and I really enjoy her voice and how I feel afterward.

Ok time to see what I can make of this day. Was supposed to go to San Diego to hang in the sun with a friend but since I look like a lobster I think I will lay low and get some house stuff done.

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