Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I think my form of nesting is coming out in gardening. I'm hoping it will kick in again so I can clean the house! The babies room is a mess and I could really use that nesting kick. Anyways yesterday I went outside with the intention of cutting this one dead flower. It should of taken 5 min but I ended up out there for hours picking and cutting weeds. Bending over was really tricky but I ignored it but now I am paying for it. I feel like I ran a marathon. Sometimes I forget my body can't do normal things anymore. Sucks cause I really wanted to cut back some crap in the backyard but I don't think that's a good idea.
I'm still reading that book "raising baby green" and I'm loving it. I wish I would of read it right when I became pregnant because there are so many things I wish I would of known. I'm learning so much. During this pregnancy I've cut out and changed so many products that I use personally and around the house that I feel good about that but there are still so many things I can do for my health, the babies, and the environment. In the book the author mentions this site
and I'm now obsessed with it. You can put in any product and it gives you a scale of how dangerous the product is you are using and what is in it that makes it a problem. As much as I've limited crappy products in my life there are still so many that I had no idea about.
My other concern is toys especially when she is baby and won't care if she is putting a cute koala in her mouth or sierras stinky dog toy. I'm hoping that I can stick with wood toys or at least the plastic toys that are safer. I've been looking online for toys but nothing really jumps out at me. The book mentions some sites but I haven't found anything I really love. The plastics that he mentioned are safer are Brio, Primetime Playthings, Sassy, Little Tikes, Lego, Early Start, and Tinylove. Good to know. I guess when she wants toys I will cross that bridge but at least for now I want to make sure what she is shoving in her mouth and drooling on is safe for her.

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