Monday, July 19, 2010

Yep I'm probably nuts

I hope I'm not the only crazy pregnant person out there who has stressed on the registry. I feel like I over thought a lot of it but I'm really weird about people buying me stuff. I mean don't get me wrong I love it but it makes me uncomfortable. I also hate attention but that's a whole other deal. So I really want to make sure that everything on there is something I truly want and need. Obviously I don't know what baby will like so it makes it super difficult. I'm also trying to be as safe as possible with my choices and make sure I do what I can organic or free of toxins. In doing so that makes everything more expensive which makes me feel kinda shitty for people who are buying me stuff. I guess I can't think of it like that but I do cause I'm like that. Also I feel really limited with babies r us and Target. They are really good for the basic stuff but a lot of the goodies aren't really my style.

The one thing I'm having problems with is a changing pad. I haven't looked around too much but I've only see one organic one. There is nothing wrong with it but they only make one changing pad cover. I guess I want to have options like colors besides natural but I can't seem to figure out if I can put another brand on it?

Also toys. I feel strange registering for these since they are not really necessities and babies r us and Target have a crappy selection anyways. Also I think I'm going to be VERY picky with the toys she plays with. When I was hanging out with my friends last week they were talking about how they are testing kids for lead now because of all the shitty toys from China. Ummm that is soooooo scary. Of course you can't entirely avoid every shitty toy out there but at least while she is just shoving crap in her mouth I can make sure its safe. I think as she gets older this will be more difficult so I'm just gonna concentrate on now. There are a few cute things on here.

I find so much cute stuff on random sites that I want so this is why the blog is helpful. I can kinda keep track and what I saw then maybe go back and buy it later. Speaking of stuff loving these things right now.

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