Monday, July 19, 2010

too fat for denim

Yep officially too fat for denim. During the beginning of my pregnancy I squeezed my butt in my skinny jeans for as long as I could. When the waist started to roll down I gave up and switched to leggings. I was so excited when I found a pair of super cute maternity denim cutoffs from Gap. I bought them in NY when it was still a little cool (and apparently I was much smaller) but I figured when I got out here I would live in them in the summer. I love cut offs with an oversized shirt (ok everything I own now is oversized), a cute pair of sandals, and even a hat. I have a picture in my head of this outfit. So today I go to put them on and it wasn't pretty. Trying to squeeze a pregnant body in denim is just plain gross. Of course I already removed the tags like an idiot. Uggg lesson learned but I'm planning my next baby around these shorts cause I'm gonna wear them dammit.

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