Friday, July 30, 2010

well hello morning sickness

I woke up yesterday feeling like I had a hangover. Full on headache and loopy feeling. I blamed all the crap I ate at the fair the night before. My dinner included corn, bacon cheedar chips, funnel cake and many bites of turkey leg, fried butter, and fried smores. Not proud but its the fair and it only happens once a year. But now I'm sitting at my computer eating breakfast and I have that morning sickness feeling again just like I did my first trimester. Say it isn't so!!! I heard that nausea can come back but I was kinda hoping it would skip me. I was lucky and never got really sick just that gross feeling but it wasn't fun at all. I guess its back to eating everything ginger (it was the only flavor that would help)

Made a coffee meeting today with a potential client so I'm sure I'm gonna be a real treat then I'm headed up to my parents because my mom and I are going to a baby shower tomorrow. Then my shower on sunday! Can't believe its here already. Makes it very real.

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