Wednesday, July 21, 2010

baby down

Just got back from my midwife appt. Its weird to go every 2 weeks, its very real now. The baby is head down which seems nuts cause she said she will stay like that till she comes out. She felt around in there and told me exactly how she was laying. It will be easier to identify body parts when she is kicking around since I know the general position she is in. I guess I should get Blake to build the crib and stuff since its getting kinda close. That and painting, better get going on that. Yikes!

So I tried the first hypnobabies exercise last night. It was the special place imagery track. I think I fell asleep a little bit in the middle but they say that is normal. I guess its good cause I was fully relaxed. I'm having a hard time trying to imagine that "special place" but I'm sure after I listen to it a few times I will come up with something. I thought it would be really weird and I would giggle but its actually quite soothing and positive and I enjoyed it. I'm going to try the other one today before yoga because I think I did the exercise too late last night and it was really hard to go to bed cause I was wide awake.

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