Wednesday, July 28, 2010

class 1

Last night we had our first hypnobabies class. I was really nervous as to what to expect but it turned out to be a great first class. I felt very comfortable and safe and am just super excited to learn everything I can. There are 4 other couples in the class, all except one couple are new to hypnobabies. One couple has used it a few times and they love it. Its actually amazing having them in the class to hear the stories and to make it more real. I thought it would be silly and the hypnosis would make me giggle but I actually really enjoy it and I feel that it is going to work for me. It helps that Blake is 100% into it too. Sounds like the key is to practice a ton for it to be the most effective which means time. I have all the time in the world but Blake has been so busy working his ass off that I'm worried about finding that time.

There were a billion interesting things that we learned but something that stuck out to me and something that I want to make sure I stay strong with is ignoring peoples shitty birth stories. I have had more strangers come up to me and talk about birth and everyone wants to tell you their horror story, how they were in labor for 2 days and how bad it hurt and how awful it was. Its not even strangers its friends too. I have had more than my fair share of friends tell me I am nuts for wanting to do it natural or that I have no idea how much it will hurt and that I should just get an epidural. I respect them but this is my experience and it will be totally different. None of my friends have birthed in a birthing center with a midwife and doula so I think its hard to make a fair comparison. Ya a HUGE baby is gonna come outta my Vag, its going to be uncomfortable but why can't it be enjoyable and beautiful at the same time? So from now on I have to ignore these people. It was just nice that she touched on that in class because now I know how important it is to zone those people out. Also no more shitty tv shows. 16 and pregnant is officially not allowed on my tv.

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  1. 16 and pregnant always pisses me off!! A big difference between you and other birth stories? You'll be informed, and have your own choices to make. You can do it.

    PS... I had a 9lb 5oz baby boy, in my living room, using a birth stool. No tears, and he was my EASIEST birth!!

    I've also had a hospital induced birth at 35 weeks for low fluids.(with my third). I used my Hypnobabies for 36 hours on pitocin before deciding I was too tired and needed help to get some sleep. The goal at this point being a vaginal birth (not just a drug free one). Not to mention I had been in the hospital for a day prior and had no sleep for 3 days.
    If I could do that, I have faith that I can do most anything now!! lol It was a unique and amazing birth. I was surrounded by my big supporters (mom and doula). I had the confidence to tell hospital staff "no" and make my own decisions. Hypnobabies taught me a lot, and boy I used all my knowledge.
    I also had Angel nurses who helped keep baby on the monitor (by hand, for hours at a time) in order to keep the doctors out of the room.
    And my last nurse, didn't push the call button until her head was already out!