Tuesday, July 6, 2010

28 weeks

or maybe 29 I dunno but regardless its officially third trimester time. I think I thought that started 2 weeks ago but maybe I was wrong. I'm still recovering from the weekend. On Saturday we had people over for dinner. It was really mellow and nice to see friends but it was a lot of work. I got the idea to slow cook pork, mac n cheese, coleslaw, and bbq sauce. I loved cooking all of it but I was beat. The next day was the 4th so we went down to the beach and hung out there with the Sinclair family. It was super fun to watch all the craziness. Lots of eating and people coming by the house which was super fun but kicked my ass. Its crazy how exhausted I get doing nothing these days. I also noticed that the 2 days I was running around like crazy the baby didn't move much. But as soon as I got home on the 4th and took a bath she was kicking around like crazy. I guess she likes to be mellow.
I mentioned before that the baby is starting to kick my ribs. I can feel her getting up under them. It hurts but the weird part is I haven't had as much pain in my ribs. I mean they hurt after sitting for awhile but its not as bad as it was before. Maybe because she is shifting around a lot more?? My face is a mess. It never got clear the whole pregnancy but it wasn't super broken out until now. I feel like a teenager. I'm sure all the hormones aren't really helping out. Its gross, I wanna glow dammit.
Today is my glucose test so hoping that its all normal considering my diet the last few days of cupcakes, ice cream, and doughnuts.

Here is a photo a friend took on the 4th. I'm pretty sure I waddle when I walk......

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