Saturday, February 5, 2011

boxing hurts

I woke up and I can barely lift my coffee to my mouth, my arms are in serious pain from boxing yesterday. I decided it would be fun to try out a boxing class instead of my normal kickboxing. I had no idea it was going to be actual punching each other. I partnered up with some dude who was a little taller than me but probably 300 pounds. No joke. There were only a few girls in the class and they kinda scared me more than the guy I was with so I figured at least a guy would be gentle on me. He was sweet and we laughed more of the time but he also hit pretty hard. We switched back and forth punching hand and stomach pads so it was pretty brutal. I think the hand pads actually hurt more then getting punched in the stomach. After getting over the initial feeling of getting the wind knocked out it was funny and a really good workout. Next time I will wear like 3 sports bras cause my ladies were flapping all over the place and that was killing me most of all. I think I will wait a few more months to take that class again cause you really have to feel confident in all your punches and I'm so not there yet. Plus I don't know if my boobs can handle that again.

Olive is down for her second nap of the day. The first one was a bust and she only slept 30 min. The child hates to sleep so hopefully she will get the hang of it eventually. She is still waking up at night but last night she only got up once for a feeding and then 2 other times where I was able to shush her back to sleep. She still got up early (6:30) but its not that bad I guess. Her teeth don't seem to bother her now so maybe that is helping the sleep at night? Babies are funny little creatures, that's for sure.

I need to post some photos of Olive sitting. She is getting so good at it. She can sit for about a min on her own and you can see her getting stronger by the day. She has also been lifting her chest up really high. I call it the half crawl cause once her knees go up she will be off.

Blake just got back from surfing and brought me a guilt doughnut (he brings them when he leaves me to go surfing on the weekend) and I need both hands for this thing so I will leave you with this most adorable video of Olive watching Sierra play.

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