Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 day weekend

The weekend from my iphone (except zoo photos i stole from blake)

Saturday we lounged around a bit then I went to LA to hang out with a friend and visit another friends studio while Blake hung with Olive. It was the first time leaving Olive for a few feedings. It was really nice to get out and hang with my friend but I seriously missed my little girl so much. Sunday we were up bright and early and took advantage of an empty breakfast place. We headed out to my parents with a stop at Intelligentsia on the way. The day was spent at my parents with my family. I ended up getting super sick during dinner. I think it was some 24 hour flu thing. Sucked balls but I'm all better now. On Monday Blake had the day off so we went to the Santa Ana zoo. We had never been before. Its super small but really cute. Olive was probably only awake for 10 min and then she passed out till we were pretty much walking to the exit. I'm sure all the animal noises were lovely and helped her sleep while she was snuggled up in my ergo. She missed the baby monkey that was nursing on mama. Blake and I enjoyed it. It was a pretty good weekend!

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  1. Are those juicing fruits and veggies I see? :)