Friday, February 18, 2011

memory lane

Olive is actually taking a decent nap and I should be doing the same considering I didn't sleep much last night (not her fault, my mind was racing) but when she got up at 6 it was a bit too early for this sleepy mama. But a nap is not going to happen cause I know as soon as I close my eyes I will hear here so instead I wasted my time being nostalgic. I was thinking about friendster and I actually tried to find the site. Its a gaming site now which I didn't know. Anyways as cheesy as it was friendster was a big part of how Blake and I became friends. I mean we met at school but we would send eachother friendster emails before we actually really started hanging out. Luckily he was smart and saved them. Then I got to thinking of myspace. I haven't been on in years cause I forgot my password but for some reason today it came to me. Blake is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this. I ALWAYS forget my passwords. It was really funny to look at the photos. It seems like these were taken so long ago. I mean they kinda were but not THAT long. I pulled a few, ok alot that made me smile. If you want to take a trip down memory lame with me take a peek but I won't be offended if this bores anyone.

Poolside at the Standard

Xmas Party (llama is now part of Olives room)
Rollerskating, Coney Island. Malina before baby B.
Dan's birthday. When hanging out with Dan weird shit happens.
Our first apt in Brooklyn. Favorite spot in the house.
Some drunk dude passed out at the Roosevelt.
Cool guy hair.
Doplh. I shot him for a mag. He is big.
My cuz Lacey. She is preggers with a little girl.
Alison preggers with her first.

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