Monday, February 7, 2011

Today with Olive

Its been a long day. Olive had some moods today. She wasn't upset all day but would just flip out for no reason. I couldn't figure out why (after she had a clean diaper, food,entertainment and a nap) She has a nasty diaper rash that won't go away (after the dr put her on a special cream) so I have no idea what is going on and I'm guessing its bothering her. I've read a million things on the internet but I know I have to stop doing that cause at this point I think she has every illness in the world. I'm so hoping its not thrush again cause my boob is KILLING me but her mouth looks clear and it feels more like a clogged duct. Her eating has been funny for the last week. She has been going a bit longer between meals (about 3 hours ish) and when she eats its really quick so I think its messing with my supply maybe? She seems happy and full but just won't eat much. Today her eating was a little better. She might just be getting really efficient but I just want to make sure she is getting plenty.
I said from day one I wouldn't give her any food till 6 months but Blake keeps talking about trying it out a little and now I'm getting curious too. Today when I was eating my salad she was literally drooling and making little mouth movements with me. I don't know if she thought it looked good or she was just copying me. She has done that a few other times when Blake and I eat dinner. She is nearing 5 months so maybe I will wait to see what her dr says when I see her tomorrow for the rash. I think my concern with not starting food is she has a funny stomach. She is a super barfy baby and she has finally stopped spitting up so much so I would hate to throw that off. But at the same time it could help. I dunno I'll see......

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